Being ‘Good’: An Ontological View of Ethics

This paper frames ‘ethics’ as a science of the soul. By focusing on the role of an integral metaphysics within the ambit of the classification of sciences, it seeks to both determine the parameters of ethics and also underline the relationship between modes of being and modes of action. PDF: Arabic • English

Beauty and the Sacred Law

It is for the purpose of securing all that is beautiful that God revealed the Sacred law. Any attempt to modify or implement it in a piecemeal fashion only distorts it, leading to ugliness rather than beauty. PDF: Arabic • English

The Problem of Reductionism in Philosophy of Mind and its Implications for Theism and the Principle of Soul

This essay seeks to delineate points of entry for Muslim theological reasoning into conversations in the field of philosophy of mind. By equating the Kalam principle of soul with its foremost faculty, intellection, Muslim theological reasoning lends itself well to these modes of inquiry. By looking at the work of Saul Kripke and Hilary Putnam, …

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Metaphysical Dimensions of Muslim Environmental Consciousness

Much of the contemporary Muslim discourse surrounding the environment takes place at the level of ethical duty—juristic commands and prohibitions. The present essay seeks to complement and underpin this necessary ethical discourse by offering considerations as to the metaphysical dimensions of a Muslim environmental consciousness. Through a beautiful and lucid engagement with the Qur’an, the …

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Language Matters: A Dialogue on Language and Logic

The essay that follows seeks to illuminate new perspectives and insights on linguistics and language-related topics as a significant component of the intellectual project of Dr Taha Abderrahman. As one of the most eminent contemporary Muslim thinkers, selected questions raised by some of his foremost students and colleagues allow the author to dwell and expand on …

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